(La Promenade)

Kategorie: Horský a horolezecký film

Režie: Michel Dalle

Italy | 2018 | 26 min.

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Dva mladí freerideři se rozhodli zdolat na lyžích celé údolí Aosta, nejizolovanější údolí v Alpách!

At the bottom of the highest mountains in Europe, among the “4 Giants of the Alps” as Mont-Blanc, Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Grand Paradis are nicknamed, two young free-riders, Shanty Cipolli and Simon Croux, 23 and 19 years old, decided to do the entire tour of Aosta Valley on skis. A twenty day journey in the most isolated and untouched places of the Alps. Their adventure is going to interlace with a story which comes from the past. A story that occurred more than forty years ago.